Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday morning shopping

Before I even finished watching Zoella's lush haul this morning, I quickly dashed to work a half hour early just so I could indulge in some Sunday morning shopping.

My first stop was lush where I picked up two of Zoe's haul items as well as one last minute addition

The overview of my purchases

Even though this is a massage bar, the residue it leaves behind has a slight pink and glittery colouring to it so this is probably something I'd use before a shower or before bed where I know I'll be showering in the morning

So the strange part is I don't have a bath in my home yet I've accumulated about 11 or 12 of these by now. I save them for when I go to my holiday house as we have a spa there so hopefully this year I actually go lots so I can enjoy my bath bombs and melts.

This was my last minute purchase. It wasn't expensive and it looks like a really nice product to use. According to the lady in the shop, you put this into a boiling hot tub or bowl of water and you place your head over it with a towel over you. Steaming is meant to open and clear your pores and with the added essential oils of the tabs it should be more beneficial for your skin.

Then I made my way over to Priceline as I am completely out of heat protectant. With work and uni I have been styling my hair more than usual and I feel terrible putting hot irons on my unprotected hair.

I also picked up some dry shampoo that came with a free shower cap. I bought a can of dry shampoo yesterday but the bf and I got though this so quickly I thought that another can wouldn't hurt.

I've tried the Lee Stafford heat protectant in the past and it was actually one of the best protectants I had used but I couldn't find the same one so I picked up a different one. There was 20% off of the range so I thought I'd get some sea salt spray to get that textured, beachy look coming into summer.

Sophie x

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